Pejman Ghadimi’s Watch Trading Academy Review and Alternative

In the dynamic world of watch trading, education is critical.

The Watch Trading Academy by Pejman Ghadimi appears to be one of the few resources for aspiring traders seeking success, but it comes with a high budget and some potential downside.

Let’s dive in with an in-depth review of the Watch Trading Academy, exploring its benefits, effectiveness, pricing, and if it’s worth it.

After reading this, we hope that you will gain valuable insights into the strategies and techniques that can propel your watch trading journey toward prosperity.

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What is the Watch Trading Academy?

The official WTA Logo. From

Pejman Ghadimi is an Iranian born entrepreneur who is now based in the United States. He has no Wikipedia page, so it’s hard to find an “official” history on him, but he is an author and creator of several courses which includes the Watch Trading Academy.

Launched in 2016, Watch Trading Academy is a program that teaches includes a video course and a private Facebook group for watch traders. It appears to remain popular to this day.

The Structure and Content of the Watch Trading Academy


The course operates on the following formula:

  • Finding the deal
  • Buying the watch
  • Creating a perfect listing
  • Connecting with a buyer
  • Collecting payment and shipping the watch
  • Profit and repeat

Although this is fairly simple to do in theory, it requires some knowledge and practice.

Here are the 4 main components of exactly how this formula is laid out in the course:

  1. Market Research: The first section of the Watch Trading Academy course focuses on market research. It covers using platforms like eBay as well as forums to analyze the sales price of different watch models. There’s an emphasis on discovering what the fair market price of a watch is.
  2. Watch Trading Strategies: Here, WTA goes over various strategies and techniques for trading watches, mostly higher end watches such as Rolex and Breitling. The simple process of buy low and sell high is described, with the main focus on eBay.
  3. Selling Techniques: The third section of the course deals with selling watches. In this section, students are told to find top sellers and analyze their ads to learn effective selling techniques. Much of the advice in this section can be boiled down to posting high-quality photos and offering competitive but profitable pricing.
  4. Making Profits: The end of the course focuses on pricing. The course claims that it can help students make $8,000 to $10,000 per month by trading watches. Although some examples of exact models are shown, it’s hard to justify the value when it’s possible to have a similar framework with this book that is a fraction of the price of the course.

How much is Watch Trading Academy?

According to the checkout page on their website, Watch Trading Academy costs $997 for the video course alone.

Can get the knowledge for a fraction of the price here.

  • Discover the vision behind the Watch Trading Academy and its mission to empower aspiring traders.
  • Pricing. TPP alternative.

Reviews of Watch Trading Academy

Although the sales page for WTA is populated with many reviews and testimonials, these are likely biased or include outcomes that could have been had outside of buying the full program.

A few real life reviews of the Watch Trading Academy can be found on YouTube.

One example is by YouTuber Mel Anic, who has purchased the course and gave an in depth video review of it.

watch trading academy real review
Full video can be found here .

According to the review, the course is primarily about eBay and doesn’t go in depth on other platforms.

In the course, the Ghadimi suggests looking at experienced sellers on eBay, observing their ads, copying their ads, and posting good photos on eBay to sell watches. A lot of the video section of the course goes over using the sold listings view to do price checking. Mel’s disappointment with this large chunk of the section can be summed up by his comment saying that the advice is “overwhelmingly simple”. Not good, not bad or wrong, just simple.

This comment suggests that the eBay selling strategy taught in the course may not provide sufficient depth or valuable insights. Simply studying and imitating successful sellers on eBay is unlikely to be a comprehensive or effective method for achieving the promised results of making 8 to 10 thousand dollars per month in watch trading.

Overall, Mel is skeptical of the course mostly because of the value for the money and the lack of depth that the course has.

Is Watch Trading Academy a Scam?

Although Watch Trading Academy doesn’t have as much depth as it could have, it is not a scam and can be summed up as simply being overpriced.

The course has satisfied customers who have written positive reviews and has been running for several years.

Pejman is also someone who says to have been trading luxury watches for years and cares about his public reputation, so it’s unlikely he has bad intentions with selling the course.

Wrapping up: Watch Trading Academy Pros and cons.

Like any course, Watch Trading Academy has its pros and cons.

Here’s our take:

Watch Trading Academy Pros:Watch Trading Academy Cons:
✔Good overview for beginners who know nothing
✔Simple walk-throughs and easy to follow
✔Examples of high-end watch deals for brands like Rolex
✔Private community
❌High cost
❌Oversimplified strategies and idealistic profit claims
❌Too much focus on eBay and no other platforms
❌Lack of inclusion of cheaper watch models and lower budgets
Watch Trading Academy pros and cons

Watch Trading Academy Alternative: Timepiece Profits

For those who are interested in learning how watch trading works including how to identify profitable deals at any price range, Timepiece Profits is an excellent alternative.

It’s a 118 page, 3 part and fully comprehensive guide on how to start and succeed in the watch flipping game.

Timepiece Profits is just a fraction of the cost so the money can be made back in even a small deal as laid out in the guide which includes real life examples of profitable opportunities ranging from $50 to over $5,000.

Watch Trading AcademyTimepiece Profits
❌$997 + $97/month membership
❌Huge focus only on eBay
❌Only focuses on expensive watches
❌Time consuming video content

✔$59 one time fee + free Discord membership and leads to free watch trading Facebook groups
✔Review of over 5 different major watch trading platforms
✔Includes watches in any budget range, as low as $100
✔Quick and actionable advice in a thorough but efficient ebook
A comparison of Watch Trading Academy to Timepiece Profits.

Conclusion: Watch Trading Academy Review and Alternative

In the world of online courses there are many scams, low quality, and overpriced offers. Our conclusion is that Watch Trading Academy, while of decent quality and reputation, is on the overpriced side.

Pejman Ghadimi has done a good job marketing his solution to potential new watch dealers, but there are many other resources out there on the internet that are free or close to it.

The formula of seeking watch deals that WTA lays out can be learned over time simply by browsing eBay listings of watches, YouTube videos and forums like Rolex Forums.

Doing research on your own from scratch is incredibly time consuming, so for those who want to be efficient, a consolidated watch reselling guide is a good bet.

If you don’t want to fork over $1000+ to Watch Trading Academy, check out the full Time Piece Profits guide which is a fraction of the cost and covers additional platforms and teaches you the framework to source profitable deals on your own at all price ranges.

We hope you found our review of Watch Trading Academy useful and are now able to make an informed decision as a consumer.

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