Section 1: Full list of 70+ watches to sell

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  • Full list of 70+ watches for you to buy and sell
  • Includes buy/sell targets
  • Over a dozen brand names including low key but popular models
  • Fastest moving models at all price ranges in 2023


Why I made this guide

I wanted to get into the watch reselling market but I was super restricted with my budget.

Buying a higher end watch can be incredibly profitable but is quite risky for beginners.

There are 2 factors in selling watches that are important to me: price and speed, and even if the profit is minimal, if I could move money quickly and benefit from this market, I would be able to actually participate.

In this guide you will find an exact list of budget friendly models ($500 or less) with models that are as low as $20.

This is great for those who have limited budget or for those with lower risk tolerance. The guide also includes models in higher price ranges with better profit margins (up to $500-$1000+ per watch potential).


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