The watch market is one of the fastest growing opportunities for resellers in 2024…

From Statista March 2023

Here’s how you can get a piece of the billion dollar watch flipping pie in 2024

The estimated revenue of the second-hand luxury watch market has increased from $786 million in 2017 to a forecasted $2 billion + in 2027.

however, knowledge is key.

If you’re reading this now, you’re likely early in the watch aftermarket.

Now is the time to learn, even if you know absolutely nothing.

Here’s how to start.

If you know nothing about watches, you’re almost guaranteed to fail with flipping them…mostly because of information overwhelm and not knowing where to start.

I tried and failed at flipping so many other things, and I knew that in order to make consistent profits, I’d have to focus on something, and watches had big money potential.

I knew there was more money in watches, but there were so many unanswered questions.

Sometimes it takes someone to lead the way first, and that’s what I’ve done with the Timepiece Profits guide.

Here’s how I got there.

First, I went through a rabbit hole of YouTube videos…

But these people were already knowledgeable in the field…

I thought to myself,

How were they doing what they were doing?

These guys were also mentioning luxury watches which I simply could not afford, or dropping terms that I didn’t understand.

After hours of watching videos, instead of clarity, I was left with so many other questions

What are the best models to sell with any budget?”

Where are all of these models listed, including unsaturated and profitable platforms?”

“How and where do you find truly profitable deals?”

Where and how do you actually find good buyers and reputable sellers?

How do I avoid fakes and scams?

…To my frustration, no one was answering all of the questions in one place!

So even after watching all of the videos of these watch gurus, I still didn’t have a roadmap to make money starting with a limited budget.

At this point, I wasn’t even totally sure if there was actually money to be made in the watch market!

Determined to figure out a solution to the tough problem of learning the watch game, I kept looking.

After being obsessed with the idea, I hit a breakthrough when I started networking…

My doubts were smashed when I found real-life examples of people cashing in on the watch market:

  • A 56-year-old hobbyist who has been repairing and flipping watches, consistently profiting $6-8K every month while investing $1500-$2000
  • A 21-year-old in my hometown who made nearly $10K off his first 8 deals.
  • A college student who turned $200 into over $50K in 1 year with watches.
  • A 25-year-old who quit his corporate job to trade Rolexes and other high end watches as a full time career.

I asked questions, took notes, and I realized that ANYONE could start in the watch game, and that you could work your way up to a bigger budget with smaller deals.

I carefully crafted a list of exact models that are within reach of even the most modest budgets, as low as $100-$500 that had an active market and profit potential.

These were models that the general public have no clue about…they’re not the watches you see at the mall.

So, armed with the knowledge from an assortment of real life experts, I started tracking opportunities and found a huge opportunity with this knowledge base… I found profitable deals day after day.

Full list and how to find these deals inside of the Timepiece Profits guide.

It became apparent that the watch market was even hotter than I had thought–in a private group that is revealed in the guide, I saw watches worth $3000-$10000 or more be sold within minutes.

I realized the watch world was an overwhelming pandora’s box–but a profitable one once understood.

The issue then is not if there is an active market, it’s how and where do I start?

I documented everything I found about the watch market from top tier, real life experts inside the Timepiece Profits guide

Includes 3 in depth sections that detail all of the intricacies of the watch flipping game:

Once you have the knowledge base of the formula laid out in the Time Piece Profits guide, you’ll be able to find and make the first deals of your own, regardless of your budget.

This guide is months of research distilled into one actionable, 3 part guide packed with 118 pages of:

Full list of 70+ exact models for any budget

Extensive list of the best watch flipping platforms along with tips

Our unique strategy of using aggregators for profitable and efficient cross-platform arbitrage

Networking tips and examples–including the best private Facebook group for luxury watch flippers

Watch trends and lingo explained

Fake watch guide and convincing scams that could cost you thousands

The exact 4 step business strategy to get you started

Our proven formula that will allow you to uncover profitable deals using methods the highest earning watch flippers use

…And much more!

As an added bonus, the purchase of this guide will get you free access to our discord!

This is the first public group for people who are trading watches with the goal of making a living off of flipping!

We are an evolving crew–as we get more interest, we will add more developers and tools to bring you the best deals and an exclusive network of watch flipping insiders, with futures including:

Free monitors that alert you of watch listings on low key forums

Buying and selling signals

Common questions about watch flipping:

How much of a budget do I need to get started?

Although having a budget of at least $1000-$5000 is recommended to take full advantage of the watch resale market, our guide lays out how to start with $100 or less.

Will I make money if I get the Timpiece Profits guide?

We are certain that you will learn about the ins and outs of the watch market but there is no guarantee that you will profit. Success in any business takes action and effort. All that said though, if you have the mindset, vision and drive it will be very hard to not make any money after reading the guide!

What are the riskiest components of selling watches?

Just as with any investment, it is possible to lose money or be stuck with inventory. However, the methods in our guide reveal how to accurately price check and get the best deals that the general public is clueless about.

Can I flip watches from anywhere in the world?

The watch market is active worldwide, but most active in the US and Europe which we cover throughout the guide.